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Fx unit yuki review and Guilty Gear X Giveaway!

We take a look at one of the (currently) only 3 copies of FX Unit Yuki for the Sega Dreamcast! This copy of FX Unit Yuki donated by Saru Maru, the creator of the FX Unit Yuki Character, comic, and game! (He actually drew our thumbnail as well!) Thanks again Saru!

BALDR Force EXE! Robo battle romance novel!

DreamcastHub.com has reviewed Baldr Force EXE! Please let us know what you think in the comments! Dreamcast translation station Translated the menus!

Elemental Gimmick Gear! Zelda style mech!

This is a video review of Elememental Gimmick gear for the Sega Dreamcast! This is a top down Zelda style Mech riding action rpg! Does it even get better than this? Check it out, see what you have been missing!

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